Effective ways to draw chainmail

Most of the people are interested to draw a chainmail because of its unique features. The hero of the story, Sir Quimp might wear armor which looks like banded mail armor or chain mail. Chainmail is easy to draw and it has long rows of the tiny circles which could be bunched up close together. Before you plan to draw chainmail, you must take look at some chainmail. It is long succession of the tiny rings which is linked together. Chainmail is staple of any ancient drawing, medieval or comic.

drawing armorEffective ways to draw chainmail

In case you are looking for drawing chainmail then you must follow some step by step instructions such as

  • Start by drawing grid on form which might act as the guide to your texture. You must remember certain thing while drawing chainmail such as perspective, folds, shape and bends. It looks like 3d and graph paper.
  • Now it is the time to start pattern, somewhere across two thirds point on side where light could be coming from draw single, small and spaced tick marks. It could not be perfectly identical or spaced.
  • Between each one of tick marks, you might draw two tick marks which are next to each other.
  • When you are looking to draw chainmail, you can draw between each of double tick marks. If possible, you might draw 3 pick marks next to each other.

Complex texture is required more detailing so you must understand what that is. You might paint all in the silver tone and you might do bunch of the small dark circles in the strategic places. Once you get understand of what chainmail is that you might easily draw it. Each small link in the chain mail is having its own shadow and light. Basically chainmail armor drawing is not easiest task as you think so you must follow some tips to draw chainmail effectively. You might draw series of the little circles effortlessly because it is not made of the straight lines. Chainmail is all same color but being metal which might reflect light in certain areas. It is having long succession of tiny rings. If you are using best software then you can easily drawing armor. If you are a beginner to draw armor then you can take advantage on the tutorial.

draw chainmailEssential tips to draw realistic armor

In case you are interested to draw realistic armor then you must start by sketching simplified skeleton of warrior. Lower opacity and lock layer in order to make template out of it. Online is fully filled with huge ranges of the tutorial option to draw armor. This kind of the tutorial is useful to draw and design fantasy figures which start from developing characters to add props, costumes and backdrops.


Drawing lessons are really beneficial to improve your drawing skills such as encourage selectivity, hone your observational skills, experiment with the new techniques and make compositions. With the help of drawing lessons, you can make innovative and creative drawings.